Tuesday, January 03, 2006


HOMOEOPATHY [This the original spelling] IS BASED ON SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPLES BASED ON NATURAL LAWS. Homoeopathic remedies have been proved on healthy humans and not on rats or monkeys. The mind is of prime importance in selecting the right remedy to a problem of a particular 'suffering' person. If that is not done. then the administered drug will have no response on the individual and so the symptoms will show no improvement. Accurate prescribing is necessary. Since it has no side-effects [provided, taken minimally] self-medication has prospered successfully. Side-effects set in only if someone takes any of the 'drugs' on a continuous basis for months together and these are difficult to eradicate from the constitution. Usually, just a few doses of those little pills or even in diluted form taken in water will help. Since this is in a 'dynamic' state, certain diet restrictions are advised to aid proper action of the drug on the individual {esp. in chronic problems).

Homoeopathy WORKS on little babies, even animals. It is the safest form of getting back to health. Bad reports are from those who have abused the drugs. There are different potencies available and certain potencies suit certain conditions. If the potency does not match with the condition, symptoms remain unchanged! And no side-effects. This makes people believe that homoeopathy does not work! Actually, it is the Homoeopath that fails and NOT Homoeopathy!!! Side-effects [in the form of 'drug-picture'] do appear only if a person takes the lower potencies, unguided by the practitioner, for a long time, continuously. That is one of the reasons why the name of the 'remedy' is not let known to the patient.

If someone wants to get convinced, let him/her injure the fingers with a hammer and start taking a remedy called Arnica - a few doses will do! immediately after the injury and see how pain subsides, and that no blueness occurs!

Try this experiment on yourself and then open your mouth on such a deep subject. Dedicated persons -- they were all allopaths! -- who sacrificed their lives to homoeopathy have helped mankind immensely. The founder, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann tested on himself [often risking his own life] nearly 95 drugs to prove their efficacy. Likewise, many doctors have done so and listed what is called the Materia Medica.

Commenting without knowing its true depth or virtue is easy. Why not first read about it, try it with an open mind and then offer comments?

Homoeopathy has survived two centuries and will survive.

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