Monday, July 30, 2007

Homoeopathy: WTT's free first-aid course

18th August, 2007
Master Rama Prasad Joshi in his usual lively speech enlightened the students about the link between spirituality and homoeopathy [top picture]. In the above picture Sri Ganesh is making the introduction.

[Picture above is of the Inauguration of the 12th Free First-aid Course in Homoeopathy, Guru Poornima Day, July 2007, under the auspices of the World Teacher Trust, Mysore Branch. Sri Ganesh lights the lamp to mark the occasion.]

[Sri Achyutha making his introductory speech, as Sriyuths Ganesh, Balakrishnamurthy and Prathap look on]

[Sri Balakrishna Murthy introduces about Master CVV, Master EK and Master MN]

[A section of the audience in the "side wing", listening to Sri Murthy!]


The World Teacher Trust as part of its various activities in numerous centres around the globe, it conducts free first-aid courses to create awareness about Homoeopathy to the general public. It was through Master Rama Prasad Joshi that it arrived to Mysore when he was posted to Mysore / Pandavapura for his employment, in 1995-96. The first batch of the course was inaugurated in 1996 with a handful of 'students' at Master Joshi's residence. The second batch got shifted to to the residence of one of the students and since then, hundreds of families have had the benefit of learning this great science and also become 'self-reliant'.

The Homeopathic knowledge as given in a most simple way by Master Ekkirala Krishmamacharya is shared by other 'senior students' during the courses. His maxim was "Teach one, treat one".